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AUGUST, 2003!


Jim Goodall reports the following GREAT LEAPS FORWARD:


About 1/3rd of the passenger service units are ready for installation
Work on the belly stringers is advancing
Jim has prepared the fold away Flight Engineer table for installation
Jerry B. is well along on restoration of the one remaining aft galley unit
Transition fairings at the base of the horizontal stabilizer's are almost off --- in preparation for removal of the stabilizers for in-hangar restoration
The Dan and Dave team are preparing plywood backplanes for the main cabin overhead parcel shelves
The MMC is awaiting Sheri's TLC in the paint shop
Bob N. has just about completed restoration of an oval belly door. (We found a brand new - circa 1968 - gasket assembly set in our parts inventory!)

With all of the good weather, there has been a large drop in Thursday attendance. Ouch.

HELP!!! Keep up your fine efforts. North America's first jet airliner needs you!!

Hope to see you at Paine Field on Thursday!