Exterior Shots:

Here are some exterior shots made prior to most
restoration efforts.

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Preparing to enter hanger #4 for the first time since new paint was applied back in 1984

Sculptured intakes were designed to be slippery to airfow and required great advances in metal-forming technology.

The year was 1984. Boeing volunteers apply a new coat of paint. Both the paint and the hanger were donated by by Boeing suppliers.
A view of the #4 engine sculptured intake.
View down the right side, showing the #3 and #4 intakes, and the high-dihedral tailplane.
Vertical stablizer encrusted with Starling attributes. Note the missing tailcone, another project virtually done.
Overhead view of empenage and right wing.
Right side of nose with crew entry door just after entering hanger.
Beautiful day, beautiful airplane. The industrial dehumidifier in the foreground is used to prevent further corrosion.
Engines #3 and #4 with rear cowling removed
The first Comet Mark-4C, shown cozying up to the first Boeing 727.
Sighting of the twisted tailfeathers. "EVCC" stands for "Everett Community College". EVCC had control over much of this Comet's decline. The top of the hull illustrates why Washington is called the 'Evergreen State'.
Left wing and tail showing the Pannier tank
Right Pannier tank. Note slot just inboard of the tank and the fuel dump vents, pointing to the rear.

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